Mission: Empowering Enthusiasm For Life & Helping People To Be Better Off

    Digital Marketing Strategist: Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting: Helping Businesses To Develop A Sustainable Strategy, Competitive Positioning, Targeting and Branding. Currently Also Promoting Vegan Lifestyle & Natural Wines. Offering Mentorship On Plant-Based Lifestyle & Meditation Coaching

    How Can I Be Of Help?

    Green Marketing & Growth Strategies 100%
    Vegan Lifestyle Mentorship 100%
    Meditation Coaching 100%
    Will we live in a better world? 99%

    More About Dimitri

    Dimitri has spent 15+ years as a senior marketer for e-commerce, online retail, gambling, crypto, education, media, auto, FMCG and beauty industries. This experience has convinced him that green marketing is his passion and driving force. As digital marketing strategist, he has launched and supported dozens of new brands and ethical businesses.

    He is a co-founder of Living Vino, Tbilisi’s first natural wine bar serving exclusively vegan food. It is all about provenance of wine and food, vegan nutrition, natural wines and healthier living. Dimitri was awarded with WSET Diploma in Wines and Spirits, but also various certificates in nutrition.

    Dimitri also runs Peace of Mind School, a very useful resource for all entrepreneurs and business owners on how to achieve lasting peace of mind. He has developed an effective program that is called MAKE Framework, so everyone can create their own system of inner peace. Online course and peace of mind course book are available. Visit his author page here.

    His meditation coaching programs are available on Ahimsa Meditation, a website with several meditation instructions and guidance. Offered for free, everyone can begin their meditation practice and reap enormous health benefits. You can support his non-profit too.

    During Dimitri’s digital marketing career, he has built a team around him. If you have a need in an expert look at your current state marketing, you can hire the whole team that is skilled in Marketing Audit, Marketing Strategy, Paid Advertising (PPC – Google Ads), Affiliate Marketing Management and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Head to his PES.agency offering Barking Honest Performance Strategies. Contact Dimitri to get help with your sustainable marketing strategy.

    Numbers & Stats

    Meditation hours so far: 0

    Glasses of natural wine / week: 0

    Animals eaten in the last 5 years: 0

    Current digital marketing projects: 0