Digital Marketing Services & Consulting

For existing businesses:

  • Digital marketing audit – evaluation what works, what doesn’t and what to do about it (read more about it on my digital marketing audit blog post);
  • Optimisation of the current digital marketing strategy and development of new digital marketing initiatives;
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategy: I’ve got 10+ years of experience in managing large scale affiliate programmes;
  • E-commerce development and set-up: from simple transactional to a sleek Shopify platform;
  • Search Engine Marketing: I am Google Certified Professional – Search and Shopping;
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Content Strategy: I am an Award Winning Blogger and Content Marketer);
  • Social media, media buying, and mobile marketing optimisation;
  • Overall e-commerce strategy development and optimisation.   

For new e-commerce businesses and for brick-and-mortar businesses who are to go online:

  • Digital Marketing strategy from scratch;
  • Help to link your marketing initiatives to profits and results;
  • Consulting to help with Affiliate Marketing and Content strategies;
  • Setting up your digital marketing function and all marketing channels listed above.

I guarantee a no-nonsense approach when it comes to digital marketing. No ‘fancy things’ for the sake of being up-to-speed, simply effective digital marketing strategies that allow your business to grow and make profit. 

Contact me today for your no-obligations chat and a free marketing consultation on how I can help your business with digital marketing strategy or tactics. 

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I am interested to hear from e-commerce, retail, IT and education companies that create value.

My strengths are in digital marketing strategy, cost-effective user acquisition, search and affiliate marketing, business focused analytics, and efficient retention to maximize LTV and profitability for e-commerce, retail and digital businesses.

Thank you!